Drumbowie Environment Action Group was formed in 1996 to take full ownership of Drumbowie Park and secure the future use for the community. To achieve this goal DEAG became a company in 2003 and gained charitable status in 2006.

DEAG successfully raise funds from various sources to pay for ongoing maintenance. Since its creation, the community have improved the site with no intervening periods of neglect or vandalism.

Drumbowie Park is a large (28.5 hectare/70.4 acre) community woodland adjacent to the village of Standburn which lies to the southeast of Falkirk. The area was previously used for mining.

Operations ceased in the 1930s leaving as its legacy a derelict railway, two ponds, several mine shafts, brick enclosures and two large bings.

  • Accessible all year round on a network of well maintained paths
    BREAKING NEWS - WORK IS UNDERWAY TO UPGRADE ONE OF OUR CIRCULAR PATHS BRINGING IT UP TO MULTI-USE STANDARD Apologies for any inconvenience caused by the ongoing path improvement,the major works should be completed within 2-3 weeks with the sensory areas being completed over the next few months.
  • Access controls at entrances which allow entry to wheelchair users and walkers.
  • Main Entrance is between the recreation ground and Drumbowie Primary School, on the B825.
  • Limited parking facilities are available.
  • CLICK HERE for a map of Drumbowie Park, Irene Terrace, Standburn FK1 2HX

From the mid fifties until 1990 the area was used for grazing cattle. The site was identified by Central Scotland Forest Trust in 1992 as having potential for nature conservation and community use.

Due to the poor grazing value of the land the owner suggested some form of village park or community woodland, with a view to future management by the community. And so Drumbowie Environment Action Group was born.

A number of projects have been delivered in partnership with organisations such as: Princes Trust Volunteers, BTCV Scotland, Polmont Young Offenders, Central Scotland Forest Trust, Scottish National Heritage, Falkirk Council and Falkirk Environment Trust, as well as the pupils of Drumbowie Primary School.
Drumbowie Environment Action Group, which boasts approximately 40 members, meet in Drumbowie Primary School on the first Tuesday of each month. These meetings are used to discuss how and when work will be carried out and how the funds can be raised to accommodate such projects.
Contact Details:
Tel: 01324 861534, Email: info@deag.org.uk

Drumbowie Environment Action Group is a company registered in Scotland and limited by guarantee. No. SC264022
The group is also a Registered Charity, No.SC038039

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